5 Quick Workout Tips

1. Home gym options can be very convenient. If you have a spare room or even a spare corner of a room, consider putting a treadmill or weight lifting bench in it. Sometimes, you just can’t get to the gym or outside to complete your workout; if your home is setup to include your workout, you’ll never have an excuse to miss one!

2. Running can help you succeed. Running is simple, relieves stress and can be done at your own pace and on your own terms. For example, if you missed a session at the gym, take a jog to make up for it.

3. A stability ball can be used while you work. If you’re short on time or just need a workout boost, invest in a stability ball, which can be sat on right where you work – at home or in the office. It’ll burn calories, while tightening your abs.

4. Combining a workout with socialization is a win-win situation. You know that rowing is a great workout and that hanging out with friends is one of life’s necessities. Why not ask your friends to go rowing with you next time they want to get together? You could try hiking, swimming or anything you all mutually agree on.

5. Investing in a less comfortable couch can have huge dividends. If you happen to spend too much time lounging in front of your television, consider downgrading your comfy sofa for something you don’t find so pleasurable. This will make it easier to avoid being too much of a couch potato and help you reach your fitness goals faster.